Saturday, September 25, 2010

Puttin it Bluntly

It was the usual type of case in the OR. As I went to sew up the fascia, the needle wouldnt go through the tissue, in fact it broke right in half. We then spend the next five minutes trying to free the piece of the needle that was stuck in the tissue. When I looked at the package, it was the usual 3-0 vicryl SH but then it said "blunt"!

It turns out that a while back there was a study that showed there may be a decrease in accidental needle sticks in OR personnel if blunt needles were used because they were less likely to penetrate a surgical glove. At one point it was even recommended that they be used in some closures. On more careful examination, it turns out that the real reason there were less needle sticks was that the blunt needles were useless and pushed to the side.

So, some government suit decided to mandate blunt needles (OSHA and JACHO), so all the needles were replaced without letting the surgeon know! I had to to fill out 3 forms for each needle that I use now that I want sharp to satisfy these new mandates!

I wonder what will happen next, will they take away scalpels and make us use plastic sporks?


SeaSpray said...

SPORKS! Hahahahaha!

Yeah and then if over regulation continues to insure safety:

Unless you work in a hospital with severe budget cuts ..then you get to do pseudo surgeries with:

Oh and this is what orthopaedic surgeons will get:
Seriously - it must all be so frustrating. And what if time is of the essence in surgery?

Hey Throckmorton ... it was neat reading a little snippet of your operating in the OR. I know your main thrust of this blog is medical-legal, but it would be interesting to read some OR stories every now and then. :)

Andrew_M_Garland said...

Don't exaggerate. Surely there will be metal sporks available for surgeons.

A blunt needle is all that you need to play Operation on Cavity Sam. Maybe that is what the government Board of Best and Cheapest Surgical Practices (or some such) was thinking about.

SeaSpray said...

Yes Andrew ..but the ork part of the spork will still have to be blunt. :)

Metal spork ...also very funny! :)

Throckmorton sorry about the link URL's vs the actual link.

I don't know how to link in a comment section.

I know ...probably obvious.

Can anyone tell me how to do it?

Andrew_M_Garland said...

To Seaspray,

See how to write HTML "hard" links HERE

SeaSpray said...

Off topic: I'm RELIEVED!

I thought I'd tell you this since I've expressed concern about it often enough in here.

I just reviewed our new high option ins rates for 2011 and they are NOT going to be as bad as I thought at all.

11.35 more a month.

And still 100% coverage on wellness, 1st time for the year preventative testing and I didn't realize this copays on the preventative exam/appts. and I've been paying the 20.00.

Still a good plan. Yay!

Of course I am concerned what will happen when son, who turns 22 this week has to go COBRA in November, but then added back on in January.

Because even tho we have family rates ..I think his being added back onto the policy will be the excuse raise the rates to cover him beyond what their plan dictated (22) before Obama care took effect. Or else ..why make him go off the plan for 2 months ..have to re-enroll and then back onto a plan he's been on since just after his birth?

I know we are fortunate with ins right now and am grateful for that. But still ..if this behemoth Bama bill doesn't get repealed... I wonder about all of us in the insured population ..employers, employees, etc. ?

Availability, quality and affordability?