Monday, June 27, 2011


I just had the opportunity to see what happens when you mix hospital administrators with computer geeks and accountants. You get computer order entry. This is basically where instead of writing orders in the chart, you have to find a computer and then enter them. This seemes like a great idea to the people above who have never been in the ED, OR or a hospital unit. It kind of goes like this. You go up to see your patient. Of course, to find out what has happened and their labs, you have to log into a computer. You then walk in to see the pateint, do your exam and then have to relog into the computer to enter what orders you want as well as to review what other orders others have written. Of course, you have to do this to every patient. Wait a minute, the nurse and the CNA as well as speech, nutrition and everyone else has to enter everything into the computer as well. What, their isnt enough computers? So now you have to wait to find a computer. Since it logs you out because of HIPPA, you just print everything out so at least you have some of the information. You then write your orders down on scrap paper until you can find a computer to enter them. This is what administrators,accountants and computer geeks call efficiency. Yet another great example paperwork (now computerwork) over pateint care.


SeaSpray said...

HOW do you stand it?! Must be a major time difference doing rounds from when you began your practice.

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