Saturday, June 25, 2011

Foxhole Faith

Several years ago I took care of a college professor. He had sent me a letter saying that he did not like my manner. Spefically, he did not like that I said God Bless You at the end of each encounter. He had written taht he did not believe in God and that may saying that was offensive to him and therefore wanted all his records and was finding a new physician who was in tune with his beliefs and was not forcing their faith upon him. Anyway, he showed up in the office this week with a stage 4 tumor and asked me to be his surgeon to remove it. I still said God Bless You, he replied, I need it.


rnraquel said...

Hey...better late than never, right?
I think it is very cool that you say that to your patients. Even if you are agnostic or atheistic, it seems as thought it couldn't hurt.
My hospital was recently bought by a Christian organization. It remains to be seen what changes will be made. However, I certainly feel more comfortable now praying with a patient or saying "God bless you".

SeaSpray said...

I never had a doc do that until after they knew me ...that I was a person of faith. I think it's sweet that you do. Blessings sure can't hurt anyone. But for some ...I suppose it is like chalk screeching on a chalkboard ..but they get angry and offended too. You would warm my heart if you were my doc. :)

Too bad the foxhole atheists miss the available joy, peace and insights that come along with faith while very much alive. I agree with Rnraquel, better late than never. Hopefully, you can make a difference ...maybe even pray for a miracle.

One of my dear docs actually took the time to call me to let me know he would be praying for me. His timing must've been God designed because he had no idea how much it meant to me that night (still does)to come in to hear that message left for me. I had some things heavy on my heart (That he knew nothing about)and not only did he say he would pray for me regarding a physical matter, but also spoke kindly of me and encouraged me.

I already thought he was the most amazing doc and yet continually wows me. I will never forget him. HIS patients are blessed to have him because of his skill and compassion, etc ...but faith is the added bonus. :)

Then this other doc ..often prayed with me and we had many faith discussions overr the yrs, during office visits. We both have the gift of gab and that makes for challenging time constraints in the office and yet he always seemed to enjoy the time. If he couldn't talk much..he didn't, but he usually did. He had to close his practice and at the end of the last appt, I began to cry a little when we stood up, he pulled me close ..wrapped his arms around me hugging me tightly (then I sobbed)and prayed for me. I couldn't even leave for a couple of minutes and left crying. So did the woman behind me and the receptionist. That was a hard day. I miss him. he said he'd see me in the Christian community. I hope so. :)

Sorry so long ..Throckmorton. I am just greatly moved by your post and your kindness toward your patients. See Docs can really impact your patients in ways you may not always know. And yours ...came back.

SeaSpray said...

I honestly do not understand why some groups get all twisted up about these things. Recently in NYC,"A group of New York City atheists is demanding that the city remove a street sign honoring seven firefighters killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks because they say the sign violates the separation of church and state."

Jay Sekulo (sp?)excellent lawyer, shot the argument down countering their argument with facts about separation of church and state.

I cannot believe that people can be so SELFISH to fight against something that gave so many comfort and honored the firefighters. If only they would take that energy and tackle real crimes or feed the homeless, etc.

RNraquel, I worked for a catholic hospital system and it was neat to hear the priests begin day with prayer on PA and to see Christian art, etc. I also felt comfortable speaking about faith or praying with a patient if there was an opening to when pt or family going through serious situation.I didn't all that much, but never worried about it if I did.

That being said, I think all hospitals have clergy visits and volunteers to pray with patients, so I'm thinking it doesn't matter if anyone prays. I could be wrong.

Anyway, here is a link to core values from the catholic system the original system merged with.

I always wondered about one thing tho. Why didn't a Catholic hospital consider Easter a paid holiday? if it wasn't for Easter ...there would not be any Christianity. Sorry off track Throckmorton ..delete if you wish. :)