Friday, June 10, 2011


It was so refreshing. I saw over 400 patients and did not have to worry about JACHO or HIPPA. Of course it was on a medical mission trip to Guatemala. We saw and treated patients. We saw vitamin defieciency causing blindness, parasites killing children, simple infections devastating families and treated them all. Some we treated in mud huts, others on the floor of simple churches. The pateints were thankful. I wonder what JACHO would say about the hospital that was made of mud? Would we have to get HIPPA waivers for all those who formed a circle and prayed over our patients? I think JACHO needs to go on mission trips.


SeaSpray said...

Oh Throckmorton ...what a kindhearted and generous thing to do for those less fortunate. It must be so rewarding.

How sad that so many people live that way. Sure puts things in perspective for what is most important in life. You must come back feeling so appreciative of all that you and others are blessed with.

We are having difficult times in this country ..more than usual and yet we are wealthy in so many ways as compared to so much of the world.

I think it is awesome that you and others pray for the patients because there IS power in prayer. :)

Must be tough coming back to all the stuff that at times gets in the way of your just practicing medicine the way you want to without being hindered by all the red tape, etc.

SeaSpray said...

PS - Any pictures? Would be interesting to see. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

What an experience it must have been. How great to be able to help all those people, and not have to worry about all the red tape with JACHO and HIPAA.