Friday, October 7, 2011

Rule number two

I was doing rounds and right next to me one of the critical care attendings was also doing rounds with his posse of fellows, residents and medical students. He is a very brilliant, quite person who I had never heard crack a joke or even change his expression. A young intern was explaining that the patient came in with sudden mental status changes and fever. They had done a spinal tap which was bloody but did have some white cells. The attending asked what the next tap showed, the intern explained that they only did the one. The attending looked right at him and said, always remember "rule number two!". I cracked up. He looked right at me and grinned, I explained that I had better run, "you know, rule number one!" Only the medical students seemed to know what we were talking about when one said that he knew where there were some twinkies!


easton said...

It's good to take time to enjoy the little things.

SeaSpray said...

Funny! I had to read it twice tho .. a bit slow on the uptake at first. :)

Twinkie break! :)