Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Seven (deadly sins) Entitlements

It slowed down a little bit last night in the ED, at least in terms of the "real Emergencies". There was still the late night cohort of the STDS, low back pain, you know, the usual. At the window was a man in his early thirties screeming at the triage nurse that he was disabled and how dare those others go back before him. I dont know why but somehow all the protestors who are in Wall Street popped into my mind. This guy is screaming that he deserves and is entitled to things because of his (deadly sins). He is envious of other going before him, he is drunk and morbidly obese, he is definately full of wrath, turns out he had a STD. Watching the Wall Street protestors, it seems almost the same thing. They are full of wrath, they dont want to work for things, rather they want it given to them, their gluttony is that they all have laptops and iphones, they want it all!, they are envious of those who have achieved, their pride is that they believe that they are entitled to what they lust after.


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SeaSpray said...

Interesting analogy. It's a shame that stuff happens. And just what is wrong with patients that behave that way? Where do these people come from? And you know the really sick ones will be polite and wait their turn.

I thought we all grew up believing you work for what you get. When did society get so off track? the value of an honest day's work. And sacrifice so you can afford extras. Of course today ...the middle class is financially challenged beyond belief in my opinion. I don't think we can take anything for granted anymore. But doesn't entitle us to something we did not earn.

Protesting against the crooks that stole retirement pensions, etc I understand. But I do not understand why anyone would think that if someone got the education, worked hard to earn their money that then means they should be penalized and have their money taken to support people who want a free ride?

I also think it is wrong to have worked all your life ...counting on your pension and benefits you signed up for and then to have them reduced or taken away just before you retire so big government can squander it on something else. Sorry went off topic a bit ..just want all of this to stop.

About all this political unrest ...I think the upside is it is going to usher in a new party for the people and not the DC status quo. Time will tell.