Saturday, October 29, 2011

Un-Meaningful Use

I think I almost have my computer fixed. I threw it accross the floor doing the G+D<<< Electronic Medical Records. These record systems are all build backwards and are geared towards what the government wants and not what is best for and how to take care of patients. My favorite is that they automatically report to the government the patient's use of tobacco and their body mass index! That is just the tip of the iceberg. They also record other demographic information and send it as well, such as race, sex, etc. Medical charting which at one time was used to help you take care of the patient, is now something that is done to the detriment of the patient. The patient comes in and you do your best to take care of them and then generate a computer driven bundle of initelligible drivel that no one can read, much less understand why the patient is there, thats only purpose is to comply with government mandates and by way of such what the insurance must have.

Next time you go to your doctor for that rash, just think, your BMI is being sent to the FEDs!


SeaSpray said...

Again Throckmorton cracked me up with the image of you tossing the computer. Forgive me ...that kind of stuff is in my favorite kind of comedies. Anyway ...I know it is no laughing matter and would want to throw things too.

Again I ask ...WHAT about HIPAA????

It seems to me that is when regulations and paperwork exponentially increased... when that was enacted. Obviously ins companies need info ...but I do not trust the government with medical information ...keeping it confidential. Their people take their laptops home and lose them and info is compromised and they have other breaches.

Are names attached or just the other demographics?

It is an extremely creepy ...violating intrusion into what was supposed to be a sacred trust between physician and patient.

It seems NO ONE resists. You physicians should unite like tea Party and Wall street but with your own ...VALID ...concerns and frustrations. It seems every one just complies ...complies and complies like lemmings off a cliff.

But know ...we're told we need more government in our lives.

Glad your computer is almost fixed. :)

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