Friday, September 6, 2013


It was early morning rounds before surgery and one of the medical students was presenting a case that came in during the night.  She explained that it was a 24 y/o male with severe abdominal pain that was out of proportion to exam.  I stopped her right then and asked what his race was.  She said that they were told not to mention race as that is "prejudicial and stereotyping".  Before, I could saw anything else, one of the residents said, Asians don't get sicke cell crisis.  I cant wait until we cant mention sex in the evaluation of pelvic pain.

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SeaSpray said...

INSANE. PC is out of control.

Especially when it gets in the way of someone doing their job correctly and with excellence because you don't have all the information necessary. And so mistakes are made - injuries occur.

Sorry off track a bit. But I really cannot stand it anymore when I here politicians and others infer that because the president is black is why people disagree and then make the leap they are racist. What is wrong with people when they think you should IGNORE important things because of someone's color.

I would be offended if people treated me differently or like I couldn't handle something because of my color. It is as offensive as thinking I can't do something because I am a woman. And they forget that he one by a majority and also many of the same people would vote for Dr Ben Carson or Alan West in a heartbeat. I am really thinking the progressives who infer or make said accusations are regressive in their thinking. No one enlightened in this day and age could actually justify that line of thinking. And now it has crept in to medicine? So WRONG.