Saturday, March 8, 2014


I saw Harry Reid's take on Obamacare and I was relieved.  Did you ever notice that his affect is getting more and more flat with fleeting of ideas?  Anyway, It let me tell the patient who cant have his surgery because his insurance premiums, deductible and out of pocket costs have tripled that its "all a lie".  I was able to tell the uninsured patient that he really has insurance, that its "all a lie".  I was able to tell the patient who had their policy cancelled and now they can no longer afford insurance, its "all a lie".  I was able to tell the college student that he is covered by his parents insurance but their costs have went up so much that none of them have insurance, that these problems are "all a lie".  I was able to tell the medical oncology nurses, physical therapists that they are not being fired because of the medicare cuts, that its "all a lie".  I'm glad all these Obamacare horror stories are lies.  Oh, wait a minute, it may just be Harry Reid's schizo/delusional disorder.

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SeaSpray said...

If it was because of that diagnostic code - I might feel a little better.

Is there a code for Evil, Lying Bastard? That is the problem.

Sorry about the "B" word.

Oh and the extremely corrupt press that creates a blackout of the truth and promotes the lies of the ELB and his ilk.

Throckmorton ...I know there has always been corruption, etc., but I have NEVER seen it like this ...right in front of my eyes! I mean you see a news clip ..know the truth and then watch them lie about it we see it ..hear it understand all the facts and then right before our eyes they brazenly try to create this alternate universe and they must really think we are stupid. And I don't think most people are. The problem is the press is NOT doing their job as the adversarial press they are supposed to be ...hence the ELBs continually get away with it because the public rarely hears the TRUTH. I have lost all trust in politicians and the press...the majority anyway. The only thing that will turn this around is God himself. Praying for a miracle.