Monday, March 17, 2014

Going Postal

I had to renew my passport and went to the Post Office where I thought I could get the picture and mail it right away as that is where I got the last one.  When I got there a sign was posted that said they had met their passport quota for the day and  were now closed.  I went to a  nearby shop that took the photo and I attached it to my application and went back to the post office to mail it.  When I got there, the passport window was now open!  I asked the person, "I thought that you had met your quota for the day?".  He said, "Oh, we put that up when we go to lunch".  I was about to ask "why don't you put a sign that says gone to lunch" but then the answer hit me.  People would line up and wait for them to come back.  By saying "quota met", people would just leave.  Gotta to love the Federal work ethic!


SeaSpray said...

I'm sorry that happened to you Throckmorton. Not like you have time to waste.

I would think they could get in trouble. Unless maybe a Mayberry RFD type PO. They have so many regulations too.

But ...before Christmas, I wanted to go back to the PO to open up a PO box and the woman told me to come back in 2 days ...but that wasn't convenient for me. Another woman would be in that day. I checked and they all ...ALL know how to open up a PO box for someone. When I protested she suggested I go to this other local PO ...but that would not be as convenient for me. And then she suggested on line.

Customer Service 101 - take care of the customer ASAP. Don't let them go elsewhere. That is true of phone calls coming into an office. That missed customer could be some other company's money in the bank. But ..I guess with PO all goes into the same system.


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