Friday, March 14, 2014

Obama Math

In our area we had a huge increase in the cost of health insurance and big changes in health care plans as the insurance companies prepare for the costs of Obamacare.  As a result, we are seeing patients come to the office where their office copay is more than the cost of the visit! Talk about a disincentive to seek medical care!  Some insurances allow us to then refund the difference to the patient but if the insurance is one of the "Obama Compliant" plans we have to send the difference to the insurance company!

As near as I can figure it the math works this way "The Affordable Care Act saves you money by costing you more!"


Unknown said...

If the co-pay is more than the cost of the visit, why file a claim at all? Could they not just pay out-of-pocket?

SeaSpray said...

"As near as I can figure it the math works this way "The Affordable Care Act saves you money by costing you more!"

Well ...Throckmorton ...of course it does...Harry Reid says so.

I watched an interview on the Kelley File last week in which she interviewed a a married woman with ...I think at least 3 daughters. maybe more kids - forget now. Anyway they lost their quality ins plan that was both affordable for them and they were very happy with the coverage. They ended up forced onto ACA - MEDICAID. (A premium paying family well covered now forced onto the expensive, but inferior Ocare) They could not use the community hospital they liked but have to use the hospital on their plan and the closest is 75 miles away. They lost their doctors. her husband had some condition that he wanted to keep his doctor for and so he offered to just pay cash. PAY CASH (not use government money)for the cost of his appointment with HIS trusted doctor. His doctor had to refuse to treat him ..was not ALLOWED to treat his former patient even tho the patient wanted him and wanted to pay cash up front (It is still America - right?)...the doctor ..HIS doctor said it is *against the law* for him to take money from a MEDICAID patient.

I know that was repetitious - making points. ha or still working it thru in DISBELIEF.

This is going to get better. I don't know how or when ..but it will because this just can't continue.

It also seems you/doctors and staff have a lot more office work (computer/phone calls) because of this bill. It must be crazy making because nothing is set in stone as far as plan protocols ..ever evolving.

I'm thinking of something a former doctor said to me..."Sometimes things have to get bad before they get better. Then something that normally wouldn't come about ..will because of what has happened."

I hope all you docs hang in there. :)