Friday, March 14, 2014

The Sound of Silence

I was called to a code last night, luckily everything turned out ok but it was one of those things that make me just wonder about the people.  A patient with bad lungs secondary to COPD was in the hospital secondary to an exacerbation.  He was on oxygen and a pulse oximiter.  The patient had a family member who decided to stay with him that night but they couldn't sleep because the oximeter alarm would go off if the patients sats dropped below 89%.  So they could sleep better, they silenced the alarm on the pulse ox.  Luckily for the patient, the nurse saw the sats go to 70 and she was able to get him on 100% O2 about the time he went brady.

1 comment:

SeaSpray said...

1. Evidently somewhat of a dim bulb for a brain.

2. Any reason they'd want to silence the patient - permanently?

If the patient died, would the family member be charged with murder?

Seems there can only be 2 reasons - most likely #1.