Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am often asked how much we get paid for an office visit. So I really tried to find out the answers. Here they are:

For an established patient following up, relatively straight forward Medicaid pays: $24.74, Medicare pays $35.36.
New patient expanded visit is $34.42 from Medicaid or $60.08 from Medicare.
Telephone consultations or calls $0.00
Initial hospitalization (admit to hospital) Medicaid $55.71, Mediare $117
Critical care, first hour $95.19 then $46.42 for each additional 30 minutes
Intubation for respiratory failure $90.13

I think that it is interesting that attorneys get $200/hour or more while we get $95.19/hour for critical care.


SeaSpray said...

They don't have to abide by insurance company rules. :) (I love that video!) It does not seem fair at all.

or even measure that against an office visit.

I don't know why but one of my docs was under the impression that my PPO plan only reimbursed him $40.00 for a routine visit. But my company pays him $71.00 and then my $20.00 copay on top of that and any lab reimbursements. So take a routine follow-up/check-up and compare that to what you are doing to SAVE A LIFE...and it just does not seem fair at all.

I trust regular insurances-PPOs anyway reimburse you more for SAVING A LIFE then MDCR/MDCD. ? I hope so!

I know you are comparing medical vs legal fields but I think the medical reimbursements seem ridiculously out of balance. Seriously... where do they get these rates?

I just want to say thank God for you docs that do take some MDCD pts! My mother is a MDCR/MDCD pt and I am most grateful to the docs who have taken her on as a pt. I know it doesn't exactly put bread on your table though but I do think in the grand scheme of things good things will come back to you in other ways. guess that sounds corny.

Anyway... you've given me an idea for a post. :)

SeaSpray said...

Thought of you when reading current post of whitecoat's about people on disability. :)