Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bug light

I was on my way to the OR late at night for an urgent case. On my way, I have to walk up a long hall. There is the red line before the surgical area that represents where surgical scrubs are needed. The OR suites are positive pressure so that there is always a breeze coming down the hall when the doors are open. I looked up and there was a moth, flying upstream as hard as it could to get into the OR area. He was focused on the bug lights that are just beyond the door. Try as hard as he could, he just could get there. The doors would shut and he would fly around and bump into the windows of the door. The door would then open and there would be a whoosh and he would beat his wings as hard as he could to try to get in. Finally, with an incredible effort he makes it! Only to fly right into the bug light and get zapped in a flash of bright light and smoke.

You know, when I am on call, I feel like that moth!

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SeaSpray said...

Hey Throckmorton-interesting post!

I've never noticed the red line or the bug zappers in the OR..assuming that is a universal set up.

I hope I develop the tenacity of that moth to persevere in attaining some goals I've set for myself over the next couple of months...only I don't want to be rewarded with a zap. :)

I see a children's book here..The little moth that could.. oh wait..that's a train engine. ;)

The thought of that little moth making his way through the hospital hallways to that destination is amusing.

So he triumphantly overcomes the odds only to be zapped? If it were a book what would be the moral to that story? :)

Being on call must be tough sometimes...maybe most the time. I don't know how you doc's do it and then work all day the next day.

July 23,2007-Chinese Pager Torture by WhiteCoat from WhiteCoat Rants.

I think this is one of the FUNNIEST posts I have ever read! It is about a private doc friend of his who was on call and ridiculously interrupted all night long.

I am sure you would relate.

You can type the title in his search box at the upper left hand corner of his blog if your interested.