Monday, July 28, 2008

Plastic wrap annoyance

Call is finally over, now to do all the things that I did not have time to do like take out the trash. One of the bags is overflowing so I did the foot smash to compact it and looked in. It was kind of eye opening. Almost all the garbage was some kind of plastic wrap or paper plastic combination! There was blister wrap from batteries, burrito wrapers, the plastic that comes over everything. I looked in the pantry, everything seems to be covered in plastic.

I started to wonder, where does all this plastic come from, of course it is from oil. What do we do with all this stuff, why throw it away of course. So here is the idea, instead of getting everything wrapped in plastic could I just get it and take the oil in the form of gasoline? At least that way I am getting some use of it instead of just trying to find a way to rip it off of what I really want and then throwing it away?

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SeaSpray said...

It must feel so good to get back to your normal routines after call is over... and get sleep.

And plastic never disintegrates and so not good for the environment. And it's not good to have food and beverages in plastic. There are safer ones and items are numbered on the bottom of the container. I prefer to use glass and pottery for anything at home, well except for a water bottle I use which keeps me on track with drinking enough fluids...but I digress.

If only we could have it both ways. Give us the gasoline and the protected product. :)

I hate the plastic that is on certain products like batteries, etc., because they are so HARD to open!

We are a throw away society. So much garbage!

I think that gas/oil prices WILL get better..I really do... I just have a feeling about it.

But until then... I am dreading the oil bill and the next electric bill. I will have to be working soon and I don't make that much. It will seem like I am making even less once I pay for the gas to commute. My neighbor pays 500 a month to drive down near NYC and I honestly can not fathom that.