Thursday, July 3, 2008

Otis Nirvana

Elevators are one of the greatest benefits of a large teaching hospital. While on the floor or in the OR the beeper goes off constantly. It never goes off for something good, it only goes off when there is something else for you to do. Each time it goes off, you try to find a phone and although it was important enough to page you for, the person who paged never answers the phone. So while you wait for them to get that person, your beeper goes off again. (cell phones are not to be used in hospitals because of problems with telemetry). After what seems like the 10th page, you get in the elevator. It is paradise! You cant answer a page and if you are lucky it will stop at every floor on the way to where you were going. Often, the pager doesn't even work in the elevators. A good 10 to 12 floors might mean 10 minutes of respite. I hate to admit that even when I am alone in the elevator, I push extra floor buttons.


SeaSpray said...

Yes...but is it really paradise when you are crammed in there with 100 other people avoiding there beepers? ;)

I guess in your profession you take the breaks whenever you can. Funny post. And I feel for you too.

I though cell phones are ok in hospitals now? That it was the older ones that interfered?

I know our hospital had issues with cell phones but okayed them eventually. an inpatient at another community hospital patients can use them in their rooms.

Perhaps the restrictions are for certain areas?

SeaSpray said...

oh and love the title to this post! :)

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Hi Throckmorton-Scalpel from Scalpel or Sword has a CRAP score posted that I think will amuse you.

Have a great day! :)