Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday, Oh, my God Saturday and What the Hell Sunday

(Besides it's association with shopping, the day after Thanksgiving is associated with the most horrendoma's that present to the ER.) I have been trying to figure out if Prozac will fit in the battery compartment of my beeper because I think that my beeper may be suicidal. It went off 34 times on Black Friday, 31 times on Oh, my God! Saturday, and so far on "What the Heck, Sunday 21 times. These have not been the routine, hey "I am going to lie to you in the hopes that you will call me in narcotics over the holiday calls" but the urgent consults that are urgent because people waited to come in. People are driving home after being "pissed" with their family and taking it out on the packed roadways. Sic kids are visiting their grandparents who have COPD who then catch the cold and end up intubated. People are falling off roofs trying to put up their Christmas lights. That pesky indigestion that feels like an elephant on your chest radiating to the arm is getting worse and worse. Its the same thing every year.

The hospital seems more quiet but that is because there is not the elective surgeries or the outpatient diagnositic stuff going on. Instead it is filled with the hustle of the techs moving patients in and out of CT, OR and the cardiology labs. We have most of the senior nurses and techs working because they are the most efficient and we need them in a time like this. A tear was brought to my eye when in a code the charge nurse yelled to another nurse who grabbed a computer terminal to document what was going on, "F***the computer, take care of the GD patient!"


SeaSpray said...

What? No Gallbladder attacks post Thanksgiving meal?? ;)

You cracked me up with this post when I first read it on Sunday! Absolutely HILARIOUS... particularly the Prozac beeper and the tear in your eye. I so needed a good laugh and I busted out laughing when I read this. Thanks! :)

I am so amused by your titles. :)

Although... I am sorry your on call went that way.

SeaSpray said...

I hope you don't mind that I linked this. Also... I left a comment on your personality post. I might try another source for the test but no doubt I am at least conststent with the ENF part. :)