Saturday, November 22, 2008

INTJ in an ESFJ world

(Myers-Briggs Personality types) I know that many people disregard the Myers-Briggs test but I am amazed by how many others use it. It is used to help determine which jury can be most swayed by emotion rather than facts, who will buy what type of car based on how others will look at them, and how to sway the results of an election by avoiding facts. By researching which personalities tend to group together and act a certain way, the deck can be stacked. This is especially true when you see that of the 16 personality types, 4 make up over 50% of the population. I leaned all this from a friend who is a marketing professor with a Ph.D. is in psycology and has a side job as a consultant for picking jurors!

In medicine, it has been shown that physicians in the same field tend to have a high correlation with the same personality types on the Myers-Briggs test. I dont know if they are that way going into the field or if the field makes them that way. But I can assure you that surgeons have a very different personality compared to pediatricians. The other thing that has been seen is that physicians tend to be in the personality types that are least represented in the general population and in the types that are the least likely to get along. There is also good data that shows which personality types are most likely to sue.

I dont know about politicians. For the Myerss-Briggs to be accurate, it must be filled out by the individual and honestly. Somehow, I get the feeling that politicians would try to fill out the test based on what they want you to think they are rather than what they really are. I cant help but think that the personality type that goes into politics more often than not is not the same one that tends to make the best leaders. Unfortunately, the types that make the best leaders are not the ones that tend to be the most popular.

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SeaSpray said...

This was very interesting. I keep coming up with either ENFJ or ENFP.

I took the test 4 separate times and I came up ENFJ, ENFP, ENFP, ENFJ and so it would seem that I am a cross between champion and teacher and I am both. I am detail oriented and and so differ from the champion there. There was something else I differed with but don't recall now. I have to say... that most of the careers would be things I'd be suited to except for the arts other than writing and a few others. I grew up thinking I'd be a teacher but I lost my focus with that. Some years ago a career test I took with my counselor in this order revealed business/sales, teacher and social worker would be my top 3. I was surprised teaching wasn't the top one but the counselor said I scored very high in enterprising. I know that's true and is why I am good with sales/fund raising when I believe in something. So these tests seem to line up with one I did with a professional. Very interesting.

Thanks for the post. I may do one on this test. :)

My experience with surgeons is that you have strong, demanding personalities. But I would think you have to because you have to be in charge with someone's life in the OR and it's not a job for the faint of heart.. but then maybe I shouldn't generalize.

I agree with you about the politicians. Absolutely..they WOULD do that. I think they are born with their finger up in the air. ;)