Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crichton-Browne sign

My wife loves this new TV show called "Lie to Me" where a Ph.D. who is supposed to be an expert at detecting lies through facial movements helps sove criminal cases. They will often show an expression that represents a lie or feeling and then show photos of famous people who are doing the same expression. She asks me to watch it with her and sometimes I will just sit back and say I already did, "I watched CSPAN". The other day Barney Frank was talking about the banking and mortgage crisis and I got so distracted by his Crichton-Brown signs whenever he tried to answer a question that I frankly didn't hear a word he said. The more he talked the worst he had them. They were very bad when he was asked about who was responsible for the current economic crisis. I wonder what medications he is on and if the dosage needs to be adjusted?


Andrew_M_Garland said...

I didn't find a reference from Google to what facial expressions represent lying, according to Chrchton-Browne.

SeaSpray said...

Oh Wow! I am going to LOVE this show Throckmorton!

I read your post and so googled the show. Didn't know about it.

I don't watch much TV and what I do..I often TiVo and get backlogged until forced to watch some...which I always enjoy once I fun to watch a bunch in a row instead of w-a-i-t-i-n-g for e-a-c-h episode to air. ha! Of course withdrawal all the harder after watching a few in a row. :)

Tonight we are catching up on the last 2 24's. LOVE that show too!

I don't know how son and d-i-l watched an entire season in a weekend. I'd be so on edge with the suspense and then CRAVING more! :)

I watched a preview of "Lie to Me" through google. Looks excellent!

Ha! I also took the lie detector test they have on line... twice.

First I got a 66. Then I got a 72.

I consider myself better than 66 and maintain that in person..there are other cues aside from facial.

I scored perfectly in test #3 both times. But I also think that in reference to other tests... I allowed my prejudices/biases to their appearances affect my decision processes as well... how I *expected* them to behave based on their appearance.

Body language is fascinating. You can learn a lot.

Personally...sometimes I am quite adept at deciphering and others I am not. It depends on what is going on, own concerns, etc.

Even knowing things to look for or not let leak out... we can't help but to let our feelings out sometimes.

You know... like a person's words might say one thing... but their stance or body position says another.? Or how they fidget with something. What they touch on their body when talking or not...when interacting with another. The eyes. can they look into your eyes... or do their eyes involuntarily look down when they are being evasive or down right lying? That being said... a shy person could be mistaken for lying because they have a difficult time maintaining eye contact. Or perhaps a person is being truthful..but they are embarrassed.

I guess the experts just need those expressions... but for is the environment, the context of what is said, intonation in voice, mannerisms, logic, their past hx, past hx with the person and overall vibes.

There is so much to consider.

Then there are those who are proficient at pulling lies off... as well as those that are unaware.

Yet... I have been around complete strangers and felt that I knew they were lying.

Both fascinating and complicated topic.

And we really do get these subliminal signals within seconds.

Most of the time though... I just want to enjoy my interactions and not analyze. Sometimes things are just so obvious though.

I have become aware of a rxn in me that I feel powerless to control. Nothing bad..just humiliating to me when you don't want to show your feelings. Interestingly... I can have the same catalyst..but different variables and not have the same rxns.

I am admittedly intrigued by my own behavior... because it takes me by surprise every time because I am focusing elsewhere but subconsciously..I must be having a whole other experience.

And eyes... you can see so much in a persons eyes. There is a reason they are called the mirror to our souls.

Two things I can't stand..a fake smile and a weak handshake. Blech!

We humans are so fascinating! :)

Barney Frank! BLECH! I am astounded that a liberal blogger I know holds him in such high regard considering the personal financial hit he has taken thanks to this financial debacle propelled forward like a runaway train thanks to Barney & company,him and his greedy, disingenuous cronies.

SnowLite said...
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SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Check this out:

The doc it was intended for..discounts it but I really don't get how he can.

Throckmorton said...

Crichton-Browne signs is a twitching of the outer aspects of the lips that is seen in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders.

SeaSpray said...

I was disappointed tonight! I rushed home to watch the "Lie to Me" show and it wasn't on. I assumed it was on 9pm, ch 5 est. I'll have to look it up on TiVo. :)

It does look good though. Love all that psychology stuff!

Supremacy Claus said...

On the First 48 (police investigates murders that grow stale unless solved in the first 48 hours).

They always do it by getting confessions. Detective tells suspect, you had 6 indicators of not telling the truth. You better start change your tune.

I would be interested in finding those.

On the other hand, it has been found that 20% of people on death row are innocent, as validated by later DNA analysis. Of the 20%, a quarter had confessed. So those highly skilled police interrogators have to back off a little.