Friday, February 13, 2009

Functional Evelyn Wood Syndrome

I found one one of my old physiology text books today. It is about 1000 pages long. When I was thumbing through it I found a note with a 5 dollar bill attached to it. It said "Dont forget to give this to Sam!" I guess you can hide about anything in a big enough book! I cant remember who Sam was and when I had that class, 5 dollars was alot of money!

I saw today that the House voted on the "Stimulus Bill" less than 48 hours after it come out of committee. It was 1019 pages long. Lets see, at one minute a page, 60 pages an hour, that means it would take 16.9 hours to just read the bill. This does not count time studying it or trying to understand it or even see if you agree with it. The Congressmen did all this in 48 hours! They must be speed readers with amazing comprehension!

I had a whole semester of physiology and studied my brains out for that class and still managed to lose 5 bucks in the book! I wonder what our congressmen are losing in that 1019 page book that is the "Stimulus Bill".


SeaSpray said...

Throckmorton - I love your posts! You've always got a clever/insightful analogy going on.

This post should be sent in as an editorial somewhere... SERIOUSLY!

Throckmorton... I am just an average person with...I'd like to think reasonable common sense and reasonably intelligent. I don't have all the education these supposed leaders do...and yet it is unthinkable to me that this is logically...the right way to handle this.

I know the president wanted it done by President's day... but don't know why. He will sign this 787 BILLION bill Monday or Tuesday.

I am watching Greta Van Susteren right now and they are joking about how NO ONE has read it.

I really do not understand why this is okay.

7 dems did break ranks and voted against it.

Those 3 republicans that voted for it and even helped shut off debates. How could you not debate it?

And no study with why 200billion should go here or there?

It is all so irresponsible. It's like they are a bunch of kids in a candy store ready to consume it all without any regard to the ensuing stomach aches they will have.

It's disgusting!
I love to find things I left in books. Sometimes I write thoughts or prayers and purposely tuck them away and then when I find them months, years later... I always find it interesting to see how things turned out.

Blogging posts will be interesting to look back on. The ones where I wrote about heartfelt concerns. Sometimes the things that are the scariest, just have a way of working out in ways I didn't imagine. One of my favorites is when I find a checklist of things I am hoping for and then much later can check off all the things that worked out, pretty neat. :)

Have also found money and flowers I forgot about... or a card/letter from someone.

I used to bug one of the ED docs I worked with because I have a habit of marking what I read. I circle, underline, write and dog ear many of my books and he always said you are never supposed to do anything to a book. But if it interests me or I want to use or come back to it.. I call attention to it.

And it's neat to come across those years later and see what I was interested in.

I think your note/ to Sam and money find was neat. It would be cool if you did know who Sam was and sent him his five. It would make for a good laugh and story.

And isn't it neat when you do come across something like that? I'll bet you had a rush of memories when you saw/held that book. :)

So... you should do something fun with the 5. :)

SeaSpray said...

P.S. They are appropriating 1.6 billion to science.

You said you do research... maybe this will be the time to get in there for more grant money. And maybe medicine will benefit. ..maybe?

Since medicine is science..seems logical.

But ... logic is probably not in the equation or they all would've had time to read and debate the bill.

I still can't believe it was shoved through!

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

P.S. It's interesting how five dollars can be insignificant or seem like a million dollars depending on what end of the financial spectrum we are on.

I've been through times where found pennies were like gold. I suppose that is why I always leave change around everywhere...just in case.

Although I suppose it is better put somewhere earning interest.

I heard a story once where Rockefeller dove under his desk for a dime that had dropped. The other person questioned why with all his money he cared so much about that dime. He answered with how much a dime compounded daily with interest could add up.

I don't recall the story verbatim, but that is the gist of it.

Right now... $5.oo is like gold to me... but I suppose... it should ALWAYS be treated like gold. :)