Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elevator Logic

I tend to ask too many questions. I was in an elevator going up to see a patient and noticed that in the elevator was a gentleman from the elevator service company. I couln't help but asking where the emergency exit door was on the elevator. The hospital has these fancy ceilings in their elevators and I couldn't help now and then wondering what I would do if I got stuck. He explained that the door was behind the lighted panel in the ceiling. I asked how you get to it if you get stuck, he said that it was almost impossible and it really didn't matter because the escape doors are locked from the outside b. I asked him why they are locked and he said it was so that you could get out only if someone lets you out. Apparently, there have been lawsuits because people have been stuck in elevators and have hurt themselves climbing out of them or hurt when the elevator starts moving. As a result of the suits, the escape hatches are locked from the outside. I asked him what do you do if you are trapped in the elevator in a fire. He said, "Hope someone can get you out before you burn!"

I later found out that that it is even code to have the escape hatches locked! I wonder if the glass in the fire alarm box that states "break glass in case of fire" is unbreakable to prevent lawsuits because of people cutting themselves!


SeaSpray said...

No problem... if you have Rambo, Bruce Willis or Jack Bauer with you! ;)

I got stuck in an elevator once,
which seemed like an eternity to me and thank God I didn't have to make whizzie winkles!

It seemed like an eternity because I had just come off a double because not only did I do 3-11, but stayed because we had a bad snowstorm and night shift person couldn't make it in and I had to wait for the morning person too. I had been up almost 24 hours at that point and couldn't believe the elevator was stuck... but I could hear the intercom.

As the lights were flickering in the elevator, on/off/on off...the priest was saying the morning prayer over the intercom and he said at that moment..."For those of you in darkness..." The irony didn't get past me. I had called my coworkers in admitting to say I was stuck in the elevator.

When I finally got out and went in there to sign out ...they said they were laughing saying.."Oh Pat's in darkness alright!"

I also wondered... and still do when on an elevator...if it was to drop out of control and hitting bottom is inevitable... are you better off standing, sitting or lying down?

I kind of think...lying on your side and protect your head. ???

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

We are apparently kindred spirits in the questions department. I've always been inquisitive. Not the nosy.. Mrs Kravits (Bewitched) busy body kind.. I could care less. But just how things work, reasons behind things, behaviors, origins, etc.

Once a coworker told me I should be a reporter because I like to ask questions. :)

That would be cool.
I have a doctor who has been the recipient of my 40 thousand questions over the years and I just told him yesterday... that if I hadn't heard a particular statement somewhere that could pertain to my situation... i would've gone into surgery with almost no questions asked... just like I did with other surgeries in the past... knowing there are risks... but would not have been real afraid, believing that all would be well.

Of course the other surgeries were for c-sections/knee, but I would've left it up to the doctor.

He probably had a hard time imagining me..questionless in reference to surgery. Not only would I be virtually questionless...but would've gone in the 1st time it was suggested.

It is important to be informed and is good to question... but I would've just said my prayers, signed the papers and done it.

It is amazing how 8 little words from someone you respect can so profoundly affect a person and can give them paralysis of the analysis and keep one in limbo.

I'll stop here because this will turn into a post and maybe I will do one on it.

I am thinking about those 8 little words a lot. It isn't just the 8 words either. It was also the authoritative concern for if I had to go the other route and relief that I didn't have to at that time.

But..maybe I heard it for a reason and it wasn't the right time.

I don't know how you surgeons make the decisions you do.

I am between a rock and a hard place with a surgical decision. I do not, do not, do not have the green light to proceed with it... but the feeling stuck, trapped, in limbo and that my life is on hold is getting to me.

Frankly... logically... it seems inevitable...unless my doctor can come up with another idea.. or one of his procedures finally work long term or some miracle drug that can dissolve scarring in the ureter. I thought I read it or maybe I dreamt it... but a ureteral stent with some kind of med that would promote healing of the ureter would be nice. And even better... a healing miracle. :)

I appreciate that this doctor listens and works with me with this and does appreciate my concerns.

SeaSpray said...

I heard something encouraging tonight. Well I think it is a good idea.. if someone follows through.

Congressman from TX said tonight, vote for republicans and they will do away with the 60% of the stimulus bill that won't have taken effect yet when they get voted into office.

Good thing to run on.

I hope they don't go with socialist medicine.

I feel so powerless as a voter.

And in my state... Jersey girl... all blue...except my county.. votes red.

Of course if we have some new alternate fuel discovery that would set us free from oil cartels, foreign dependence... that would boost the economy...but I digress.

hard hat said...

The access hatches in the roofs of lift cabins are now locked because people used to open the unlocked units and get themselves stuck. (The hatches have electrical switches ensuring the elevator stops when the hatch is opened)
Some enterprising individuals would also climb on top of the elevator cabins, shut the hatch behind themselves and 'surf' on the elevator cabin roof. Where there was more than one elevator in the one elevator shaft, the 'game, was to jump from one elevator roof to another. Fatalities were not uncommon hence the hatches are now locked. (Europe no longer has a requirement for hatches in their elevator ceilings.)