Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama Tech Support

Our computers at the hospital are crashing all the time now. There are so many extra programs, virus and outdated programs running that the operating system is unable to handle them. Their power supplies can not handle all the extra hardware that is plugged in to them. Being a surgeon, I wanted to to fix them by operating on them. I wanted to debride all the devitalized and parasitic stuff like viruses and spyware; delete all the outdated programs that suck up memory and cpu; amputate all the un-needed hardware and then cleanse the operating systems by refreshing them to the earliest point at which they seemed to work.

I was out voted, We are going to use Obama tech support. We are going to tell the computer that it has more vitual memory than it really has, add hundreds of new programs to further tie up the cpu, ignore all the viruses and spyware that clog up the whole system and lastly we will get rid of any backups.


SeaSpray said...

Throckmorton -Hilarious and ever so apro pos! :)

BTW.. I've heard that about you surgeons... very hands on and do want to fix things. :)

Met a podiatrist who told me he loves to work with tools and at home is always tearing the house apart to remodel or building and fixing something. Interesting. :)

Ever see the Glenn Beck show at 5 (EST) on FOX? If you haven't... it is a must see! And he seems honest. He's conservative.. but he raked a republican over the coals tonight for taking earmarks... actually exposed his press secretaries nasty e-mail on the air and then called him out on his lies. Woe. Refreshing! He also doesn't care if he makes enemies..on either side of the aisle..dedicated to reporting the truth as he sees it.

Very entertaining too. He did something interesting tonight.

He took important news head lines that were put on pg 12 of the Times, etc. He substituted Bush's name when he read the articles.

Like..Bush begins secret surge into Afghanistan, Bush refuses to speak to reporters about the surge, etc., etc., Oh my gosh... You know if it wasn't Obama doing these things... it would've been all over the front page... and they would've been badmouthing Bush something awful.

Interesting little exercise.. actually humorous if it didn't hurt so much!

The health care coming up on his agenda scares me and I wonder if I will be able to keep my same doctors?

I don't know why people don't realize that FREE health care will come at a PRICE.

Great post! :)

SnowLite said...
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SeaSpray said...

I have been an old fashioned girl in that I have been slow on the uptake of going totally paperless in an office. i admit..reading how efficient PP-MD is sounds great... but I always felt that I wanted a hard copy for back know... always be prepared.

But, since my med recs have gone missing... I am much more on board for going in that direction..although certainly... identity theft could occur electronically.

But what you describe in your post..well 1st of all..when I worked in ED registration.. that would be a night from HELL..when equipment or system doesn't work and everything gets backed up. HATE that. You all must hate it to as I would think EVERYTHING and everyone gets backed up.

But what about the patients? When they're critical? Must make you crazy!

Now..with something this is going to have bugs in it. You hope the left hand will be telling the right hand what it is doing.

I hate the idea of "big bother" watching you.. by I guess he already is.

And I hate that if an erroneous medical note gets added into your records..that could potentially hurt will now be at everyone's fingertips... following you everywhere.

My PCP recently told me how careful he is about documenting with his patients. He doesn't assign negative diagnoses.. but rather states.."Pt not drinking now vs alcoholic." Interesting. He has been electronic in his office for years.
Med rec update - office still has not found them!

I spoke with estate lawyer and we worked out a satisfactory agreement.

And HE apologized and was empathetic when I told him ALL the negative things that happened. (from the office staff)

More to this but already long here - sorry TM. :)