Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dope Flu

20 y/o male in the ED brought in by his parents because he was nauseated, vomiting, tachycardic, sweating and gnawing abdominal pain. Parents are convinced that he has appendicitis.  They said that he got sick right after they pulled him out of college last week because of his bad grades.  I asked Mom and Dad to step out while I examined him.  Yep, its been a week since he had his last fix of Oxys.  Good ole dope flu.  We checked an US of the belly to be safe.  Gave him the numbers of AA.  HIPPA says we cant tell his folks.

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SeaSpray said...

It's too bad they can't be informed. Guess it depends what side of that people are on because obviously patient confidentiality is major.

If he doesn't follow up he will probably find someone while home. SAD.

Off track ..I know ...but how IRONIC that HIPAA is applicable on this end of things when it really means NOTHING to the federal government evidenced by their invasive questions regarding prospective patients for the exchanges ...or even in the doctor's office ...or that navigators can get it all and they aren't checked out.

And to think how we all have to sign confidentiality papers when working in the hospital and violating said rules is reason for instant dismissal. But now ...ANYONE can have ALL of your info if you work for THE obmcr system.

It is scary how people become addicted. Especially when patients do not abuse the drug but have had to use for a chronic med condition.

I wrote more TM, but deleted. :)

Wish you had an email.