Monday, September 16, 2013

Reconcile This!!

As part of yet another JACHO mess, we are supposed to reconcile all the patients medications when they leave the hospital.  This means that we are supposed to say what medicines they are to take and not take regardless of what we are threating them for. We are then responsible for those medications both medically and legally.   This is hard enough because they might be in the hospital for a hernia but all the meds are cardiac or psyche meds.  Now we have to reconcile all the herbals and all the other things that they take.  "Lets see they take gin sing, oral silver, and a powder from the flea market".   On the computer I cant find a way to check the button that says "call the person who told then to take this stuff", or the button that says "sue someone else" so I just click "do not continue". 

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SeaSpray said...

It doesn't seem fair and is a huge waste of time trying to answer these things.

I can't believe all doctors are now going to have to inquire about sex lives. I can understand gybe, uro and pcps ..but derm docs? CRAZY! Why does the government even want to know?

Just let you docs do your real jobs - CARING for the PATIENTS as you best know how to do because of years of medical training.