Friday, December 25, 2009

Acute Fibro!

For those who dont understand why many of us are cynical about fibromyalgia, here is a great video that pretty much sums it up!

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SeaSpray said...

Ha ha ha! So Throckmorton ..were you howling with laughter when you watched this or did you hear the hallelujah chorus in the heavens!

Allergic to her children and *air* LOL! You should provide this link in WC's blog. Although..might stir up some anger.

The monotone oxycotton request..also funny. I don't mean to laugh at anyone suffering ..but the video was funny. Even the way they kept shifting their bodies. :)

Thanks for the laugh.

Then after watching and interesting thing happened.

I followed/watched some other fibromyalgia links and then came across this guy

and watched a bunch of videos. Found it interesting and did some of the exercises, bookmarked some and just curious.

I've been wrestling with grief/guilt regarding a sad event in my life, some concern regarding some people I love and also some physical issues (not fibro ;) that I am hoping are reversible.

At first I thought it was silly..but then I became intrigued.

I feel a little better and am curious to watch more.

He did say 2 things I didn't like or understand though .. but all the rest interesting and am going to watch more.

About the fibromyalgia patients... it seems there may be an emotional connection to past physical/emotional events. That would bring it back to why physicians can't actually find anything wrong.

Oh and one of the doctors I watched said something about being preceded by a virus.

It seems the pain is very real for the people experiencing it and physicians do acknowledge it..but if patient not in touch with the root goes on undetected... manifesting in physical symptoms. Perhaps that is an erroneous oversimplification on my part but is what I gleaned out of everything I watched.

I have had a difficult time regarding issues with mom since she began declining in Aug 08 and taken a lot to heart..beating myself up thinking I could've and should've and major guilt.

I've been concerned it could hurt me if I don't release it and now more convinced than ever. I'm in awe that your post led to this guy's videos. Timely coincidence? Because..every time I turn on the tv lately it seems I am hearing someone talking about forgiveness. I began wondering if I was being told to forgive. I am not a grudge holder and then realized ..maybe it is *myself* that I have to forgive... and watching these videos tonight brings it home more than ever...strong connection between mind and body, etc.

Okay's 03:08 and I may have written this out of extreme post Christmas exhaustion... and wake up with extreme blogger's remorse in the morning and so feel free to delete if you want to. Just never thought these things could have an emotional connection... to the degree it appears to in some people. To the point that lives are destroyed with illness and pain.

Perhaps you disagree? or have you seen emotions manifest in illness/pain in patients? perhaps surgeons don't witness that as much as a long term pcps do?

I hope you don't mind I got all serious after that very funny video. I had no idea I'd end up in that direction.