Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Huff-ington Post

I guess it is a sign of the times when our usual cadre of drug abusers are having a hard time affording their preferred drugs and resorting to huffing paint. I asked one of them who was in the hospital for an exacerbation of another problem when I saw the gold paint on his lips. He told me that moneys tight so people are raising the price of the good stuff and he cant "ford his percs and vikes no mo" and "other shi**s spensive". I saw in his chart that the case managers are filling out all the forms so he can get Medicaid for his now chronic "paint induced pulmonary conditions" so the hospital can get paid. Once he is on Medicaid the state will try to pass the buck of to the feds to get Medicare to cover it, so if all goes well he will soon have disability and be able to use tax dollars for his "vikes and perks and the spensive sh***".


SeaSpray said...

Yes Throck...but the trade off is so NOT worth it. (Sacrificing good health)
Can't put any price on that. You have good health.. you do have everything.

I am so concerned about the health care getting passed and don't want to lose my good insurance. I just found out that my plan paid my surgeon in 7 days after they (the ins co) received the bill.

I'm afraid we're all going to end up with the equivalent of MDCD!

Now if there was any sparkle in that paint he might look a bit festive for the season. ;)

SeaSpray said...

P.S. You've got the lingo down really well. :)

Throck ..I know these programs were well intended and put in place to help people..but unfortunately ..the welfare mentality population seems to have lost their desire to get off the public funding and support themselves and the problem became generational. (Not everyone -some genuinely need help and I believe we should help the poor)

Rhetorical question and we'll never know... but I wonder what would've happened if the welfare system were never instituted?

*In the past you've indicated my comments were welcome and I know sometimes I go a bit off topic or get wordy..which of course I'd certainly stop. But I find many of your posts to be intellectually stimulating and end up venting politically in some way.

Actually...MANY of your posts cut right to the chase ..point out EXACTLY the problem with the med/legal systems and I OFTEN have wished that the talk show hosts/radio/tv could read your posts.

Most recently ..Laura Ingram (sp?) hosted the O'Reilly show Friday night and she had a guest on defending climategate ..stating the information is under *peer* review. I very much wanted to e-mail the link to your post in to her show .. but didn't.

okay ..digressed enough. :)