Friday, December 18, 2009

Health reform in one sentance

Medical care providers and facilities must bill and recieve payments from patients only.

There it is. Simple and to the point. Right now there is no competition. If you need a ct scan, do you call around to find the best deal? Of course not. The CT place only gets paid what your insurance company contracted them. They can try to get as many in that insurance to come there but it certainly did not affect the price. If you dont have insurance, you can call around and I think you will be suprised at the discounts you can get. Imagine if that was for everyone. I dont think the problem is that we have so many uninsured, I think the problem is that we have so many insured.

I propose that your insurance company gives you so much for routine health exams. You would then shop around and find out where you can get the best care for that amount. Doctors and hospitals would then advertise and try to entice you with low prices and better care to sway you to use their facilities. The same should be true with Medicaid and Medicare. Sure there are patients who wouldn't make the effort to get insurance but now everything would be cheaper.

I have said it again. Health insurance is like Federal Income Tax. They get the money before you see it and spend it before you know it. Dont seperate healthcare dollars from the patients, give it to them and let them decide how to spend it.


SeaSpray said...

I like it!

Would competition be enough?

It seems the ins middleman might be good for checks and balances... no pun intended. Although as with any shopping spree ..if you can eliminate the middle will get the better bargain at cost prices.

The only thing is what if what they give isn't enough?

And a big thing.. for as much of a headache ins companies can be to are pretty much guaranteed to be paid...even if delayed. Although your way..perhaps could collect a fairer payment for services rendered. But ..what about billing issues with patients?You must mean it would be a pay up front for services rendered.

I think anything is better than letting the government do it.
*Off topic alert:
I was sickened to hear that Nelson crossed over in exchange for mdcd money. He isn't up for re-election for 4 years and so someone was joking that nelson can't be bought but he is being rented. :)

I just do NOT understand how these senators can possibly think in such myopic gains??? Sure good for their state ..but what about the whole country (be damned I guess) and the health care quality and expense for all and the country???

Haven't seen the news so don't know if that has changed.

I think you were so right on in previous post and they should all absolutely have to pay for their own ins and it should have to be what they want the citizens to have.

SeaSpray said...

*Off Topic (well it is about the health care bill)- just have to say that I am internally apoplectic hearing all about the health care bill that was passed at 1 am this morning. They don't even know everything that is in it!!!

Also, I heard that unions/cadillac ins will be taxed. My husband is in a union! We are counting on carrying that over as a COBRA when he retires. Also something about equipment being taxed. So it will costs manufacturers more which of course gets passed down to the consumers. Taxes everywhere!

Oh and listening to Forbes talking with Scarborough this morning.. Forbes from NJ said he knows that what costs him 20,000 for ins in NJ ..he could go over the border into PA and get the same coverage for 7 or 8 thousand dollars.

Why can't they open up state borders???

And this surprised me. I also heard that hospital providers made deals they are happy with behind closed doors with the administration and insurance companies too. Ins co stock is going up. the ones who will be hurt are physicians and patients.

I thought Obama was a friend to unions? People that have insurance through the unions will be screwed.

These people need to be voted out.

I just wonder if these things can be reversed?

** One last thing ..Harry Reed I was stating that a person is dying even as he is speaking because of the HC system we have and his inference was because of Republicans.

The commentator who played the speech said, "Harry stop talking and call an ambulance! then he said "Did he die after just watching you on TV?" :)