Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wenis Flytrap

I make sure the residents and students always come with me to talk with the families after surgery. I stress that the families have been there waiting, hoping and praying and are staring at the door waiting for us to come out and tell them that their loved one is ok. Long before you get to say anything, they will see you and immediately jump to conclusions based on your body language and manner of step. It is essential that you make sure your body language matches the results of surgery. If your body language does not match what you tell them, they will read your emotions and think that no matter what you say is untrue. Even though you may be tired and have a hundred things to take care of , when you meet the family, 100% of your body and mind needs to be theirs. Your body languange always tell the truth. When things are bad, you need to honestly let them know to the best of your ability. If there is a problem or there is a complication, be honest and let them know. If you are worried, let them know.

I wish politicians would talk to us like we try to talk to the families of our patients. After the recent bombing attempt of the Detroit bound flight, I saw the Homeland Security Chief come out, and try to pin her wenis to the side of the body to keep them from flapping as she said "the system worked". Clearly in panic mode, her body language showed she was in the wenis flytrap, way over her head, clueless. I'm glad that her boss got of a golf cart to tell the press that there is a systemic breakdown and he will make it a priority as he wmt back a picked up his golf club.


SeaSpray said...

Ugh ..what a horrible position to be in.

You sound very compassionate and sensitive to the needs of your patients and families. I agree ..no matter what ..100% toward families because they are the ones who will be most impacted by the outcome... and act accordingly and as you indicate ...want them to trust/believe your words.

Body language is fascinating. I keep forgetting that show you mentioned last winter is on Monday nights now and I really liked it. "Lie to Me" Great show! :)

From things you've written ...you sound like a terrific teacher/mentor. :)

She needs to go. Ugh! there has to be a better candidate for her position ..seriously!

Funny image and and word choice. Wenis?? (had to look it up)

Well ..if she ever made it out of the wenis flytrap ..I'm thinking she and her wenis..wenI..wenis' wenises ..are flapping in the breeze as she's hung out to dry. :)

I think the president should've come out immediately acknowledging the situation vs sending the others out with the spin.

SeaSpray said...

Happy and Blessed New Year to you Dr Throckmorton! :)