Friday, December 25, 2009

Constitutional Rights Obamified

The 4th Amendment gives us protection from unreasonable search and seizure and is a major part of limiting governments invasion of our privacy. Obama who taught Consitutional Law has just amended Executive Order 12425 that gives Interpol immunity in the US from the 4th amendment. This gives Interpol, an international organization, the ability to invade your home and seize your property without having a warrant or probable cause. I wonder what the next consitutional right he will waive? This is the same guy who thinks healthcare is a right, but protection from unreasonable search and seizure isnt!


Chrysalis Angel said...

It's just the beginning.

SeaSpray said...

This is alarming! I am stunned at the changes to the detriment of this country he has made in less than a year.

We should never give up our national sovereignty. We have been unique because of the Declaration of Independence and people have flocked here seeking freedom from oppression, etc..

You would think there could be some checks and balances along the way.

This is deeply disturbing!
To give non us citizens authority over Americans in their own country???

Off topic slightly..but I understand this poor man's feelings.

As I was perusing the EFT vodeos- I came across one in which a man wanted to get rid of stress/anger about Obama as president. Of course I had to see what this was about.

So the instructor ..repeatedly used techniques for this guy (older gentlemen -maybe senior citizen?)to let go of his anger. he was crying he was so upset. I imagine some people on the left felt that way about Bush too..but he didn't do these things to weaken our country.

And weren't these the same people that were all up in arms because Bush was allowing wire tapping or something (can't recall the policy or law) ..that is people in our own government trying to ferret out terrorists. 2 very different things. The left was all upset crying about freedoms being lost and privacy violated.

Oh and now we have the plane terror attack... and they admit not all luggage, etc is checked ..but by God they'll check the little gray haired grandma instead of people most likely to carry out the attacks... because ..well .you know ..that would be PROFILING and we can't have that.

I am curious about the news tomorrow.

StorytellERdoc said...

Really enjoying your posts...and the name of your blog and accompanying pics of a true throckmorton...I still get residents and students who have never heard about throckmorton, thinking I'm making it up to play a joke on them....

Happy Holidays,bud.