Friday, October 30, 2009


Just out of curiosity, I divided my yearly malpractice premium by my yearly patient encounters. In other words, every time I see a patient, it costs me $7.18 just to cover the malpractice insurance.


SeaSpray said...

This one is over my head. :)

SeaSpray said...

Oh ..wait I get it. You mean that $7.18 comes off the top of your patient profit with each visit.

Math was never my strong suit and certainly not at almost 2 am. :)

rotator said...

Somewhat higher than mine; started at $1.50 per encounter about 12yrs
ago, floated upto $2.50 tile 3yrs ago and now the group (about 80 docs
scattered around the state) is at %5.40 per encounter. We see 350-550 per month depending on ED activity
or $23 to 34K/yr. For Seaspray, this
is paid to the insurance company whether the pt pays or not. Has nothing to do with profit, collections or charges.