Monday, October 12, 2009

Taking it below the dentate line

In order to help balance the budget, the lawmakers of the State of Pennsylvania have decided to raid the fund MCARE. This is a fund (100 million dollars) that Pennsylvania physicians were forced to pay in addition to their malpractice payments to cover catastrophic losses. In fact the MCARE (Medical Care Availibility and reduction of Error Fund) was just the renamed Medical Professional Liability Catastrophic Fund. Anyway, the State Legislature just decided to take it and use it for other things. I wonder why they dont make the lawyers pay into a fund and then steal it in the middle of the night?

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SeaSpray said...

Throckmorton ...I don't understand how these things can be set up.. people sign/participate in good faith...believing they've invested in something worthwhile... and then someone changes the rules and pilfer money from these things.

My husband will have a pension. Same rules for years. Now word has come out that they are changing a few things that can possibly affect the amount... not bad.. but still.. should not be changed. Actually has to do with budget and ways to cut costs.

(Wasn't Pelosi going to mess around with some savings plan?)

I just believe in being a loyal employee and that the company should be loyal to you... but I know.. thee days and has been for awhile... you can't count on your companies anymore because the dollar is the bottom line.

I know money/profit or even staying afloat has to be a consideration.. but I guess I am an old fashioned girl in that I think we should value our *good* employees.