Friday, October 23, 2009

Heathcare a RIGHT to refuse?

I was listening to someone who was arguing that healthcare was a right. I wondered if healthcare is a right, cant you refuse it. I mean, I have the right to an attorney if I am in criminal court but I can refuse one. I have the right to bear arms but I dont have to go out and buy a gun. I have the right to vote, but dont have to face fines if I dont. I cant think of other rights that are government mandates where I can be fined for not exercising them.

As far as I can tell, rights mean that you have the ability to do something if you choose, and the ability to not do them if you choose. Many of the rights that I have require me to make an effort or spend some money to exercise them, where I dont have to spend money or time to not exercise them.

Why sould heathcare be any different. Right now if I am sick, I can go to any ER and be seen an treated. If I want more than that I can pay more or get insurance. I cant be denied. I have the right to "healthcare". If I dont want to go, I dont have to.


SeaSpray said...

Well said Throckmorton!

I can't believe they were going to tax 40% on Cadillac ins plan premiums.

By their criteria we qualified because we have the dental and eye, etc. (although very basic and don't cover big things) 40% is a huge increase. And so people can keep their insurance..but just won't be able to afford to keep it. I haven't seen much news the last couple of days and so I thought I heard voted down.? I HOPE so!

I am finding it interesting that now some dems are becoming critical.

I feel like he is this inexperienced kid who got himself into more than he can handle. I hope I am wrong.

Your point about rights is so on target.

And their targeting FOX is so crazy. It is obvious they are trying to censor the news. when will true journalists be sick of being out scooped by FOX. Their credibility is nil and people are flocking to FOX.

the biases and double standards are glaring. Look at what happened to Rush with the NFL because he is controversial and yet far left,insane and cruel Kieth Olberman hosts for the NFL programming on weekends. Double standard?

And what about the war? what is he deciding. I'm really tired of hearing them blame Bush.

Everyone talks about how he hasn't made a decision yet.. but he has. Choosing no action.. is a non action thus a NO until he does something one way or the other.

This administration must be signaling weakness around the globe.

I blame the pseudo journalists for this. If they had genuinely pursued the truth and reported the fact sans political bias for the promotion of their political agenda ..I really do not believe he would be president right now.

Hope you don't mind a little off topic rant. :)

Throckmorton said...

Not at all.

SeaSpray said...