Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Obama's Katrina

The CDC reported today that Children and adults under age 25 have accounted for 53% of hospitalizations for laboratory-confirmed H1N1 and 23.6% of related deaths since Sept. 1. Flu vaccine, its production an distribution are all under strick control of the Federal government. The private market for flu vaccine vanished with lawsuits and regulation years ago. So, we now have shortages of both H1N1 and regular seasonal flu vaccine. I can help but believe if there was not the Federal involvement and trial attorneys sueing like crazy, the pharmaceutical business would have been all over the mass production of the flu vaccines. We most likely would have had so much that we were exporting it and even hiring people to help make it. Instead, the ICUs are filled with the young and dying. Got to love the Federal Government and their single payor system for flu vaccine.


SeaSpray said...

I know. It's a shame too.

I was reading on how they handled the vaccine back in 76 and why they were worried about pandemic. Interesting.

I did talk with my PCP earlier regarding H1N1 and while on one hand I may be a candidate for it is the same reason that I could be more susceptible to side effects.

Weakened immune system from cortisone shots and prednisone packs sept/oct and if I understood correctly the system reacts to it for minimum of 3 months, recent uro procedure and now a URI.

Cortisone definitely knocked my blood sugar out of whack.

He also said that I'm in age group that may have natural immunity to it. I was 20 when swine flu was around last time (76)..although I didn't get it.

So ..that is settled for me.. I won't be getting it now. I see he posted CDC criteria for shots on his website.

So.. now just have to decide if sending 21 yr old in to get it.

Most people don't get the flu... but I guess it's a sort of *Flu Roulette* :)

Something I don't understand is why would my 29 year old not be in the range that should get it in the first round? For that matter... why shouldn't anyone who wasn't around for the 1st swine flu ..(younger) not be up for getting it early?

And the whole pharmacy thing... why won't the government do tort reform? that seems so OBVIOUS!

I heard the trial lawyers supported Obama ... but even before him ..the companies were closing up shop.

Oh .. and last night ..I heard McCain reminding us of how during the campaign Obama said he'd be transparent and we would all see negotiations regarding health care and pharma companies and as we can all see now... not only is it behind closed doors ... but they've excluded republicans.

for the life of me ..I don't understand how it can be alright to exclude members of the government from hearing what is being discussed that will so hugely impact/transform us as a nation and probably not for the better.

And I don't understand how they can keep the American people from reading what is being proposed.

I am learning so many things about our government that I did not know and just assumed ...logically assumed would be fair and not handled cryptically.

And ... there are government officials from other countries warning us not to go down this road and that they are failing should be proof enough not to do it..and yet they march on.

Right now I am so hoping that Chris Christie will be elected as the new Governor of NJ.

SeaSpray said...

P.S. - It does have the potential to be his Katrina ... although I sincerely hope not because that could be catastrophic in all the states.

* I know there were mistakes made... but I don't think it was fair the way the left dumped all the blame on Bush for Katrina.