Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sebelius Epidemic

(Deaths due to the appointment of a trial lawyer as Health and Human Services Secretary) I saw today that the president has decided that we are in a H1N1 emergency. Part of this emergency is that there is a huge shortage of the vaccine as well as the regular vaccine for the plain flu. The vaccine is produced under contract for the Federal Government. Most of the vaccine companies are no longer in business or able to produce vaccine because they have been sued or fear lawsuits. So here is the question, if you or a loved one wants the H1N1 vaccine but can not get it because of the governments inaction and the trial lawyers targeting of the vaccine companies and contract the flu, can you sue the government and the trial lawyers for your pain and suffering? How about wrongful death? We had plenty of companies making vaccine before all the lawsuits. We had huge delays because the Obama administration dragged their heels appointing and directing the HHS department. We have over a thousand deaths for the H1N1 already this fall. Oh, wait a minute, I understand. Obama put a trial lawyer in charge, in fact a former head of the trial lawyers, in charge of our public health!


SeaSpray said...

I think you'll like this Throckmorton:

The White House is calling for bailed-out banking executives to get a 90 percent pay cut. They want their pay cut by 90 percent so it's more in line with the job they're doing.

Here's my question: why can't we get this for Congress?

- Jay Leno


Sounds logical to me. :)

Well I don't know about the government being sued ...but you can sue someone and even win a large sum ..but if they don't have the money to pay it.. then you still don't get the money. Can't get blood out of a stone.

Why is a lawyer in charge pf public health? Wouldn't someone with medical expertise be a better choice for the position?

This whole n1h1 thing scares me.

I told you I never get the flu shot but finally believe the reg one is alright. I watched beck's show when he had a doc that believed wholeheartedly everyone should get it and then another who was equally passionate about people *not* getting it.

I felt more scared/perplexed after the show. Then WC had that post about why young people should get it.

The doc against it said there is an ingredient in it (begins with a th) that can cause nerve damage and has been in other flu shots.

I haven't sought it out. I overheard a call at pcp's last week where the receptionist was telling someone they didn't have it yet.

I feel concerned for everyone.

last nite my neighbor told me she wasn't going anywhere near the shot and it's hype and quoted some Trudeau guy ..guess he is any-pharmaceutical, etc.

I wonder why the president's daughters didn't get it? Was he advised something the rest of us weren't?

and regarding myself... the one year I am willing to maybe get it..I had cortisone injections in my knees July 30th followed by 2 doses of prednisone (sept/Oct for a dermatitis which seems to have messed with my blood sugar and since it weakens the immune system..I don't even know if I should get it.

then you have some people saying it's milder than they thought. Others now say what people thought was h1n1 over the summer wasn't and others saying it will be bad in the coming months.

I have to tell you a lay person..I am 100% confused which is causing inertia in proceeding forward with getting it. Ha! If it will even be available!

Throckmorton said...

I love it!

SeaSpray said...

I saw last night that Dr Anonymous did a video and post on h1n1. It was helpful to read... and of course I have to talk with my own pcp.

Also..interesting .. it seems a group of blogging docs met at Blogworld ..sponsored by Johnson and Johnson and were on panels, etc regarding the future of medical blogging. Some nurses went too.

Anyway... Bongi (Neil Taverner) a surgeon ...traveled with his fiance all the way from South Africa to attend this conference. (he has interesting posts -hippo bites, life over there as a surgeon, etc.)

Dr Rob also wrote about it.

Who'd a thought this would take off like it has and is?

I don't know how medical professionals get their information aside from conferences and periodicals from the New England Journal of Medicine, etc. I know there must be so many sources. But i think it is fascinating..that with today's technology... physicians can get info instantly. as quick as one posts topics on all have it and you can share ideas, etc. and of course you have the professional medical sites.

Sorry about the ramble. I'm fascinated with the blogasphere. And yet..if you mention it to most people..they don't know or care what you're talking about and in my opinion..are missing out. When Chris Matthews would tell people to check out his blog it just went right over my head and I didn't care. :)

LOL! If I didn't have urology issues.. (researching and stumbled onto Urostream-read her ENTIRE blog,then Surgeonsblog and fat doctor and rest is hx :)I'd probably still be in the dark about blogging and missed out on one of the most interesting/rewarding (cause I like to write) hobbies of my life. And have met the nicest people and as a lay person.. have an inside track to understanding medical topics from a medical perspective. And..I've yet to return to work.. but it has kept the medical arena fresh in my mind and so even tho I am shy about returning (only reception/etc work-not rocket science)it would be way worse if I wasn't hanging out in the med blogosphere.

Also.. I could now carry on an informed med conversation with the best of em at work. ;)

And the conversations that go on in comments are intellectually stimulating, exquisitely funny, frustrating, politically infuriating -sometimes,educational, etc.

This should probably be a post in my blog instead of a comment. Again off topic here and so delete if you want to. :)