Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"But, I'm not dead yet!"

I just saw today on World net Daily that one of Obama's Czars, Cass Sunstein, has written that the state controls your organs and should be able to remove them if you are dead or in a hopeless condition. Futher, he wrote that the state can remove your organs without your permission. When I heard this, I thought that someone was pulling my chain, but guess what, it is right there in his book "Nudge: Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness".

Where did the president find these guys and how in the world did they get to be in positions to affect policy? My father always told me that you are judged by the friends you keep.


SeaSpray said...
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ausduck said...

I seem to remember a fictional book by a certain medically trained author along these lines.....have the advisors not heard of plagiarism??? :)

Seriously, I think that's taking the idea of socialised health care way too far. And I'm speaking as the citizen of a country that has a fairly socialised health care system!

Andrew_M_Garland said...

"if you are dead or in a hopeless condition"

Ah, "hopeless condition". That is a designation which is increasingly driven by economics. The state is kind enough to not kill you outright, but will starve you to death. Harvesting your organs is just another benevolent act, regardless of your quaint, superstitious religion.

Death Panels in Britain

Quip: We don't kill them. They choose to die when we stop feeding them.

09/02/09 - PowerLineBlog
Under NHS guidance, patients are diagnosed as close to death without allowing that the diagnosis could be wrong. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy where food and fluids are denied until sedated patients die. Nationwide discontent is building up, as family and friends witness this denial of care.


Monty Python on Death Panels (humor, video 2:00)

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SeaSpray said...

What??! Ludicrous!

I am curious as to why he'd say such a thing.? if that were true then why do we need donor cards, etc.?

I agree with your father.

Although.. I've had occasional friends that I am nothing like but for some reason we connected. I do think it matters who you are with most of the time though.

With Obama... it's a pattern. I don't even feel like we have a real president because all the people he has chosen and the way in which he conducts or doesn't conduct business just feels so wrong. Gee.. do my dissenting opinions make me a racist?

Like that whole Rev Write thing for 20 yrs... how could anyone of reasonable intelligence believe that Obama didn't know his political ideologies... especially since they were very close?

But in Obama's case... there are just too many of these people in high places and it is just wrong. i still can't get over that the head of the treasury is a tax cheat! And the school czar... so very wrong and I don't care what his educational credentials are.. anyone praising nambla has NO business to be around children of any age. that's just sick. men and boys... wrong and
I *don't care* if i am being pc!

I heard some amazing speeches by Reagan and Goldwater earlier today that were so apropos for today. Reagan was talking years before being president... early 60s maybe?..on why creating public health care would erode our freedoms. Powerful stuff!

Throckmorton... Obama seems like a nice guy.. but you wonder with the people he associates himself with.

I hope he ends up being good for our country.. but I just don't see it yet.