Thursday, October 1, 2009

Giving them the middle finger of the Upper Hand

The State of Michigan has been running ads trying to get some foolish business to move into the state. The ad campaign has as it slogan, 'Michigan gives you the upper hand". Michigan is in dire straits with its huge entitlements and policy of increasing everything from the sales tax, gas tax and of course the state income tax. In reality it appears that Michigan is just giving its citizens the middle finger of the upper hand. Well, they have now decided to stick it to the physicians that have not left the state by imposing a 4% tax on all physican payments and other medical fees. By doing this they hope to decrease their multibillion dollar deficit. Since Michigan already has made sure that it has the lowest Medicaid payment rates and chased as many businesses out of the state as possible, it seems that the medical business will be the next to leave the state. On the bright side, Michigans Democratic Majority are trying to overturn what little tort reforms they had on top of all this.


SeaSpray said...

It baffles me.. that the logic escapes people.

It seems these legislators have tunnel vision to fix one thing..everything else be damned... instead of having the capability of the big picture..the long term effects and how it all interrelates.

To me.. it seems you look at everything.. the ideal for the big picture.. then isolate the individual problems, prioritize and tackle.

I know I am oversimplifying.

Even better... if there was a magic wand that could be waved to fix everything. ;)

SeaSpray said...

Woww Throckmorton!

I just heard that medical doctors marched in DC today! (Against the health care as presented)

We need more of that. Good for them. You NEED to have your voices heard. who better to help set guidelines?!

Sorry of track. :)

Toronto said...

Clearly the Michigan state government is trying to apply statewide the same taxation and business policies that have been so successful in making Detroit the lovely place it is today.

Detroit was the first major American city to decline into utter ruin. Maybe Michigan is trying to be the first state to achieve the same result.